"The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge." ~Bertrand Russell~

Author: Brandon Brewington


Picture of me wearing an éclipse sungear headband



A Day In School

This week I decided to write about a day in my life.  In my opinion, school is boring, but it will help you improve your life in the long run. On Tuesday, I had a science test about chemical changes. I missed only one questions, so i got a 96. After science, I had Intro to Robotics, where i get to mess around and have fun with my friends. An hour and a half later, I headed toward the Mac Lab where i get to enjoy an hour of peace with computers, but instead my teacher decided to cram 29 students in the South Lab to take notes about the vulnerabilities of Ubuntu for the upcoming Cyberpatriot competition. img_7767

Not long after I had had lunch, I went to the library to play cards with Ronan and his friends.



As per usual, I won the only game of Uno we played. After Lunch, I have Language Arts were we are currently preparing for a mock trial. the trial is based on the strange cases of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, I got put on the prosecution side because of the table I had chosen to sit at. For this trial, I will be playing the role of  Dr. Hastie Lanyon.


As the day goes on, I find myself in HS Geometry, this class is in the top seven most boring (I only have  seven classes). I get back from school, and I jump on the PlayStation to play some Madden 17 with my friend Sovann.

img_7771 Today is Sunday, I went to church, had lunch the family, and enjoy a day of football, but now things are getting heated. I challenged Sovann to see who could be a better QB with the browns on Madden 17. Next week i will update you on the results.



Peace out,

this was Brandon


My sick weekend

‍This week was Thanksgiving and my school district gave us the week off. As you know I would, I spent the whole weekend playing Madden, NBA 2k17, and Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

When the weekend arrived I had a cold. Because of my cold my parents made me stay on the couch all day. imageIt was fun because I was watching football with my dad and my favorite team isimage the New







England Patriots. This Sunday they are playing the NY Jets, at this moment the score is all tied up 10-10.

Yesterday, my one of my favorite colleges, the Michigan Wolverines, football team lost to the Ohio State Buckeyes in a double overtime.

On Sunday my football watching imageafternoon was interrupted by a discussion my dad and I had when he said the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ uniforms were brown, red, and orange. I said the were red, orange, and black-ish grey . After doing some research I found out that the black-ish grey color was pewter. He still denied it and said it was brown.

A couple of minutes later, I received some really bad news, Rob Gronkowski, the starting tight end, was injured and would not return for the game. UPDATE: The patriots are losing 16-17 with 5 minutes to go, I’m really nervous, my older brother Max likes the Jets, so If they win he’ll rub it in.

The only bad part of this week was being confined to the couch on Sunday afternoon, the sun shined straight on my face for a long time. image Also, the blankets were really hot.

In conclusion, this was a really good week, because I got to play a lot, eat a lot, and watch a lot of football.

As this is a Sunday, I have school tomorrow, I am not looking forward to it because it is school and it’s a Monday, that is a terrible imagecombination.





Peace out, this was Brandon.


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